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  • Dancing with the Stars Poster
    Dancing with the Stars
    as Herself - DWTS Juniors Contestant 1 episode • #695 most popular show
    Dancing with the Stars is a popular reality TV show that pairs celebrities with professional dancers to compete in a ballroom dance competition. Each week, the celebrity contestants learn and perform various dance styles, judged by a panel of experts. The show combines thrilling performances with entertaining behind-the-scenes footage and personal stories. Viewers are treated to a showcase of talent, creativity, and dedication as celebrities push themselves outside their comfort zones to master new dance routines. Dancing with the Stars has garnered a dedicated fan base and continues to captivate audiences with its exhilarating performances.
  • MasterChef Junior Poster
    MasterChef Junior
    as Self - Contestant 12 episodes • #848 most popular show
    MasterChef Junior is a culinary competition show that features talented young chefs between the ages of 8 and 13. The contestants showcase their cooking skills and creativity in a series of challenges that range from cooking elaborate dishes to recreating classic recipes. Each week, the young chefs are mentored and judged by a panel of renowned chefs who provide guidance and critique. MasterChef Junior offers a unique platform for the next generation of culinary talent to learn and grow in a supportive and competitive environment.
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