About Television Stats

A new way to measure TV
In a world where networks and streamers keep their data hidden, Television Stats provides a better way for anyone to track the popularity of TV shows.

For years, the TV industry has been keeping their data secret. They'll release some headline numbers on the most successful shows, but usually we're in the dark about how well a show performs. It's even more difficult to compare shows on different streaming services. It is possible to get some information from TV ratings companies, but the vast majority of that data sits behind paywalls, available only to industry insiders.

Television Stats takes a new approach analyzing TV shows by popularity and engagement online.

Since direct viewer data isn't available, we look at audience activity across the Internet. By seeing how engaged and active an audience is, we can get a clear look into the popularity and success of individual TV shows. We can then compare those shows across networks and streamers.
Why online data?
Online activity is a strong indicator of the size of an audience and their interest in a show. It shows how large and engaged a show's audience base is.

Viewers engage on different platforms for different reasons. They may be going online to learn more about a cast, to check release dates, or to discuss a show with other fans. For each show, we provide raw historical data, and also our own Most Popular TV Online rank that factors in all our online data.

For industry professionals, this data is a great way to track what is and isn't working. In today's streaming landscape, audience engagement is more important than ever. Word-of-mouth and customer engagement are two of the most important factors in driving both new subscriptions and subscriber retention.

For everyday fans, our data can help them better understand their favorite shows, while also finding new shows to watch and talk about online.
Most Popular TV Online Ranking
The Most Popular TV Online rank is our best calculation of daily TV show popularity. It is calculated using a weighted average of a broad set of online audience engagement metrics. At it's core, it ranks how large and active the audience is for each TV show online.
About Us
Television Stats was founded by David Mancherje, a software developer based in Los Angeles. David has spent his career working at the intersection of tech and media, with experience ranging from early-stage startups to corporate digital media teams. His wife is a TV writer who has written on shows at several major streamers.

Television Stats grew out of two core needs: First, it was nearly impossible to know how well the shows his wife worked on were performing. Even in success, hard data proved elusive. And second, as obsessive TV fans, they were curious. How did their favorite shows stack up against others? What were other people watching? What should they watch next?

David knew these were questions that could be answered. And he knew that he and his wife weren't the only people asking them. What began as a pet project grew into TelevisionStats.com. Television Stats is for anyone who — like us — just loves great TV.
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