What is Television Stats?

Television Stats tracks the popularity of TV, movies, and actors by analyzing daily online audience activity. Learn more below.
Television Stats
Television Stats provides a better way to track the popularity of TV shows, movies, and actors.

Traditional TV and streaming services rarely share detailed performance metrics, making it tough to gauge a show or movie's success or compare it across platforms.

By analyzing online engagement and activity, Television Stats offers a fresh perspective on TV show popularity, providing insights otherwise unavailable to the public. This data is also available quickly, within 24 hours.
Why Focus on Online Data?
Online engagement is a key measure of a show's audience size and interest level. It's also a great way to compare shows across different platforms.

Viewers engage on different platforms for different reasons. They may be going online to learn more about a cast, to check release dates, or to discuss a show with other fans. For each show, we provide raw historical data, and also our own Engagement Score that factors in all our online data.

For industry professionals, this data is a great way to track what is and isn't working. In today's streaming landscape, audience engagement is more important than ever. Word-of-mouth and customer engagement are two of the most important factors in driving both new subscriptions and subscriber retention.

For everyday fans, our data can help them better understand their favorite shows, while also finding new shows to watch and talk about online.
Engagement Score
Engagement Score is our calculation of daily TV show popularity. It is calculated using a weighted average of a broad set of online audience engagement metrics. This includes social engagement, website traffic, search, torrents and more. At it's core, it ranks how large and active the audience is for each TV show online.

A score of 100 is the average daily top score for a TV show or movie.
About Us
Television Stats was founded by David Mancherje, a software developer and entrepreneur based in Los Angeles.
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