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A new way to measure TV
For years, networks and streamers have been keeping their data secret. They'll release some headline numbers on their most successful shows, but usually we're in the dark about how well a show performs. Ratings companies will provide estimated viewership numbers, but even there, the vast majority of that data is only available to industry insiders.

Television Stats takes a new approach to analyzing TV show performance. Since direct viewer data isn't available, we look at audience activity across the Internet. By seeing how engaged and active an audience is, we can get a clear look into the popularity of TV shows.
Why online data?
Online activity is a great way to judge the size of an audience and their interest in a show. It shows how engaged and active an audience base is.

For industry professionals, this data a great way to track what is and isn't working. Audience engagement is becoming more and more important with streaming becoming the dominant business model in TV. Word-of-mouth and customer engagement are some of the most important factors leading people to start or continue paying for subscriptions to services.

For fans, it can help them better understand their favorite shows and find new shows to watch.
Our Top TV Rankings
The Television Stats Top TV Rankings averages a broad set of online audience engagement metrics to rank TV shows based on the size and engagement of their online fanbase.
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