TV Shows - Annabel Kershaw
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  • Arrow Poster
    as Middle Aged Woman 1 episode • #148 most popular show
    Arrow is a television series that follows the life of Oliver Queen, a billionaire playboy who becomes a vigilante archer after being stranded on a hostile island. Returning home to Starling City, Oliver takes on the persona of Arrow to fight crime and corruption. With his exceptional archery skills and a team of skilled allies, he works to protect his city from various criminal threats. The show explores Oliver's journey as he balances his dual identity, confronts his past, and becomes a symbol of hope for the city.
  • Smallville Poster
    as Flower Shopper 1 episode • #388 most popular show
    Smallville is a television series that follows the life of Clark Kent during his teenage years in the fictional town of Smallville. As Clark navigates his way through high school and discovers the extraordinary powers he possesses, he becomes aware of his alien origins and the destiny that awaits him. The show explores Clark's relationships with his friends and family, including his close bond with his best friend Chloe Sullivan and his complicated romance with Lana Lang. Smallville is a captivating coming-of-age story that explores themes of identity, acceptance, and the challenges of growing up.
  • iZombie Poster
    as Older Woman 1 episode • #1,081 most popular show
    iZombie is an American television series that combines elements of crime, comedy, and horror. The show follows Olivia Moore, a medical resident turned zombie who uses the memories of the brains she consumes to solve crimes. Set in Seattle, the series offers a unique twist on the typical detective genre, as Olivia must hide her true identity while working with her colleague Dr. Ravi Chakrabarti and detective Clive Babineaux. With a perfect balance of wit, suspense, and character development, iZombie keeps viewers engrossed in its clever storytelling and captivating performances.
  • UnREAL Poster
    as Beth Ann's Mother 1 episode • #1,459 most popular show
    UnReal is a riveting American drama series that explores the behind-the-scenes shenanigans of a popular reality TV show. It features characters who would go to any lengths to produce engaging content, highlighting the blurred lines between reality and entertainment.
Movies - Annabel Kershaw
Sorted by online popularity. Annabel Kershaw has appeared in 3 movies with data.
  • Jumanji Poster
    as Martha Shepherd • #366 most popular movie
    Jumanji is a 1995 American fantasy adventure film based on a children's picture book by Chris Van Allsburg. The storyline follows siblings who unleash jungle-themed perils from a supernatural board game.
  • Kissed Poster
    as Sandra's Mother • #5,381 most popular movie
    Kissed is a 1996 Canadian romantic/erotic drama film based on the short story "We So Seldom Look on Love". It follows Sandra Larson's exploration of necrophilia and embalming.
  • Married Life Poster
    Married Life
    as Miss Jones • #6,651 most popular movie
    Married Life is a 2007 American period drama film directed by Ira Sachs. The story follows a middle-aged businessman who, rather than divorcing his wife when he falls in love with another woman, plans to murder her to spare her humiliation.