TV Shows - Bethlehem Million
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  • The Good Doctor Poster
    The Good Doctor
    as Abbie DeGroot 1 episode • #43 most popular show
    The Good Doctor is a medical drama series that follows the story of Shaun Murphy, a young surgical resident with autism and savant syndrome. The show explores Shaun's struggles and triumphs as he navigates the complexities of the medical field and interacts with his colleagues and patients. With a unique perspective and exceptional medical skills, Shaun constantly challenges the norms and prejudices of his profession, shedding light on the importance of embracing diversity and inclusion in the workplace.
  • And Just Like That… Poster
    And Just Like That…
    as Smoke 4 episodes • #249 most popular show
    ‘And Just Like That…’ is a continuation of the iconic series ‘Sex and the City’, focusing on the evolved lives of Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte as they experience the complexities of life and friendship in their 50s. The show is a blend of comedy and drama, reflecting on modern-day issues against the backdrop of New York City.
  • Flatbush Misdemeanors Poster
    Flatbush Misdemeanors
    as Arsema 1 episode • #1,990 most popular show
    Flatbush Misdemeanors is a comedy-drama TV show that follows the lives of two friends, Dan and Kevin, as they navigate through their 30s in Flatbush, Brooklyn. With a mix of humor and poignant storytelling, the show explores the challenges and aspirations of urban life, capturing the essence of the diverse community they live in. Viewers can expect a blend of relatable characters, witty dialogue, and thought-provoking narratives that delve into topics like friendship, love, and career struggles. Flatbush Misdemeanors offers a unique and authentic glimpse into the complexities of modern-day life in a bustling city.
Movies - Bethlehem Million
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  • Sick Poster
    as Miri • #3,690 most popular movie
    Sick is a chilling American slasher film set during the COVID-19 pandemic. Directed by John Hyams and written by Kevin Williamson and Katelyn Crabb, the movie follows college student Parker and her best friend Miri as they decide to self-quarantine at Parker's family's isolated lake house. However, their plans for a peaceful retreat are shattered when they start receiving ominous text messages and an unexpected visitor arrives. As tension rises and secrets are revealed, the girls find themselves trapped in a terrifying game of survival.