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  • Snowpiercer Poster
    as Jackboot Stroud 1 episode • #67 most popular show
    Snowpiercer is a TV series set in a bleak, frozen future where humanity's survivors live aboard a massive, constantly moving train. The narrative examines the complexities of class disparity, social injustice, and survival strategies within the confined ecosystem of the train.
  • See Poster
    as Witch #4 1 episode • #496 most popular show
    ‘See’ is a science fiction drama series that envisions a post-apocalyptic world where a virus has left the surviving human population blind. Set in a distant future, the presence of twins with the restored ability to see sets off a conflict, as their father fights to safeguard them. The show delves into themes of survival, mythology, and the reimagining of society without one of its most relied-upon senses.
  • So Help Me Todd Poster
    So Help Me Todd
    as Tangey Mitchell 1 episode • #663 most popular show
    So Help Me Todd is a legal drama centering on a talented but wayward private investigator joining forces with his successful but domineering attorney mother at her law firm, navigating complex cases and family dynamics.
  • Big Sky Poster
    Big Sky
    as Melissa 3 episodes • #675 most popular show
    Big Sky is a thrilling crime drama series that takes place in the vast and remote landscapes of Montana. The show follows a pair of private detectives and an ex-cop as they join forces to unravel the mystery behind a string of brutal kidnappings. Filled with suspense and unpredictable twists, Big Sky keeps viewers on the edge of their seats with its compelling storytelling and complex characters.
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