TV Shows - Dodie Brown
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  • American Horror Story Poster
    American Horror Story
    as Mary 1 episode • #37 most popular show
    American Horror Story is a critically acclaimed television series that blends horror, drama, and supernatural elements. Each season explores a different theme, showcasing a new and terrifying story within the horror genre. The show boasts a talented ensemble cast, including popular actors such as Jessica Lange and Sarah Paulson. With its dark and twisted narratives, American Horror Story never fails to captivate audiences, keeping them on the edge of their seats with its intricate plotlines and chilling atmosphere.
Movies - Dodie Brown
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  • The Mist Poster
    The Mist
    as Screaming Woman • #706 most popular movie
    The Mist is a 2007 American science-fiction horror film based on the novella by Stephen King. It follows the story of a small Maine town enveloped by a dense mist after a violent storm, trapping locals in a grocery store with deadly and sanity-threatening horrors lurking within.
  • Texas Chainsaw 3D Poster
    Texas Chainsaw 3D
    as Loretta Sawyer • #2,926 most popular movie
    Texas Chainsaw 3D is a 2013 American slasher film that follows a young woman who discovers she has inherited a Texas estate and goes on a road trip to investigate her roots, only to uncover a terrifying secret awaiting her in the mansion's cellars.
  • Mr. Brooks Poster
    Mr. Brooks
    as Police Officer • #3,376 most popular movie
    Mr. Brooks is a 2007 American psychological thriller film starring Kevin Costner, Demi Moore, Dane Cook, and William Hurt. The story revolves around a successful businessman who leads a secret life as a serial killer, grappling with his inner demons and a relentless police officer.