TV Shows - Gina Stockdale
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  • Psych Poster
    as Poppy 1 episode • #178 most popular show
    Psych is an American detective comedy-drama television series that premiered on USA Network in 2006. The show follows Shawn Spencer, a young crime consultant with a unique talent for observing details and pretending to be psychic. Alongside his best friend, Gus, Shawn poses as a psychic detective and solves a wide range of crimes, all while trying to avoid suspicion from the skeptical Santa Barbara Police Department. With its clever humor and charismatic characters, Psych offers an entertaining blend of mystery, comedy, and wit.
  • Once Upon a Time Poster
    Once Upon a Time
    as Auntie Em 1 episode • #312 most popular show
    Once Upon a Time is a fantasy drama television series that premiered on ABC. The show explores a fictional town called Storybrooke, where fairy tale characters are trapped in the real world due to a curse cast by the Evil Queen. The series follows the adventures of Emma Swan, a bail bond agent turned savior, as she tries to break the curse and restore happiness to the residents of Storybrooke. Filled with magical elements and intricate storytelling, Once Upon a Time captivates its audience with its creative twist on classic fairy tales.
  • Stargate SG-1 Poster
    Stargate SG-1
    as Kinsey's Maid 1 episode • #528 most popular show
    Stargate SG-1 is a science fiction television series that follows the adventures of a secret military team as they explore various planets through an interstellar portal known as the Stargate. Originally a spin-off of the 1994 film Stargate, the show delves into the intricate mythology surrounding the Stargate and the alliances, conflicts, and technological discoveries experienced by the team. With its captivating storylines, well-developed characters, and impressive visual effects, Stargate SG-1 became a popular and long-running series that attracted a dedicated fanbase.
Movies - Gina Stockdale
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  • A Guy Thing Poster
    A Guy Thing
    as Gladys • #6,857 most popular movie
    A Guy Thing is a 2003 American comedy film directed by Chris Koch, starring Jason Lee, Julia Stiles, and Selma Blair. The story revolves around Paul Morse, who, after a wild bachelor party, wakes up next to a woman named Becky and struggles to keep it a secret from his fiancée, Karen.