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    Animal Control
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    Animal Control is an American sitcom centered on the complex dynamics within a group of animal control workers in Seattle. The show delves into the irony that the animals they manage are less troublesome than the humans they encounter. Frank Shaw, a former police officer with a deep understanding of animals but a damaged view of people, leads the team through their eccentric daily challenges.
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    Grace Mana Morrell Palmer (born 9 November 1994) is a New Zealand actress. She is best known for her role as Lucy Rickman on the prime-time soap opera Shortland Street. Palmer was born in Tai Tapu, New Zealand to parents Tony Palmer and Janine Morrell, both television producers. She attended St Margaret's College and pursued acting, even taking courses in Sydney, Australia. Palmer's television career started in 2014 with a guest appearance on Home and Away. From 2014 to 2017, she portrayed Lucy Rickman on Shortland Street. She made her Hollywood debut in the 2018 film Adrift. In 2020, Palmer co-created and co-starred in the comedy web series Good Grief alongside her sister Eve Palmer. Palmer also appeared on The Masked Singer NZ as a New Zealand possum in 2022.

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