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    30 for 30 is a collection of documentary films broadcast on ESPN that delve into intriguing sports stories, personalities, and events that have resonated within the sporting world, often shedding light on lesser-known aspects. The series spans multiple volumes and includes an array of shorts, catering to a diverse audience interested in the depth and breadth of sports history and impact.
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Janet Marie Jones (born January 10, 1959) is an American actress. She gained recognition through her appearances in various movies and TV shows. Jones started her career by competing as a contestant on Merv Griffin's Dance Fever in 1979 and later performed as part of the dance duo Motion. She had roles in films such as Annie (1982), Staying Alive (1983), Grease 2 (1982), and The Flamingo Kid (1984). Jones also appeared in A Chorus Line (1985) and American Anthem (1986). Besides her acting career, she is widely known for being married to retired ice hockey player Wayne Gretzky. Jones was born in Bridgeton, Missouri and attended Pattonville High School.

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