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  • The Tourist Poster
    The Tourist
    as Barman 2 1 episode • #707 most popular show
    The Tourist is a television drama thriller that explores the plight of a man who finds himself in the vast Australian outback with amnesia. His only chance at survival is to piece together his fragmented memory, using the scant clues at his disposal to uncover his identity and unravel the mystery entwining his present and past.
  • Sanctuary: A Witch's Tale Poster
    Sanctuary: A Witch's Tale
    as Dale 3 episodes • #1,643 most popular show
    Sanctuary: A Witch's Tale is a fantasy drama series set in a modern-day world where witchcraft is an acknowledged reality. The narrative unfolds in the picturesque English town of Sanctuary, a place with a longstanding history of harmonious life between witches and non-magical residents. The series explores the tensions that arise when this peaceful coexistence is suddenly threatened.
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