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  • Orange Is the New Black Poster
    Orange Is the New Black
    as Lea Guerrera 7 episodes • #344 most popular show
    Orange Is the New Black is a compelling blend of comedy and drama set in a women's prison. Based on Piper Kerman's memoir, the show follows Piper Chapman as she navigates the complex social dynamics and challenges within the prison environment, encountering a diverse cast of inmates each with their own stories. Produced by Tilted Productions and Lionsgate Television, this groundbreaking Netflix original series explores themes of identity, community, and survival.
  • Bull Poster
    as Indra Pratt 1 episode • #834 most popular show
    Bull is a legal drama series that follows the brilliant and charming Dr. Jason Bull, a renowned trial consultant. As the head of Trial Analysis Corporation, Bull uses his skills and expertise to help analyze and predict the outcome of high-stakes trials. With a team of experts, including a former NYPD detective, a neurolinguistics expert, a hacker, and a stylist, Bull combines psychology, human intuition, and cutting-edge technology to shape the opinions of the jury. Full of suspense and intrigue, Bull offers an insightful and compelling look into the inner workings of the legal system.
  • HAPPY! Poster
    as Sister Philomena 1 episode • #1,520 most popular show
    HAPPY! is an American live-action, adult animated black comedy TV series. Created by Grant Morrison and Darick Robertson, it features an alcoholic ex-cop turned hitman, Nick Sax, amidst a world of casual murder, soulless sex, and betrayal. Soon, he discovers an imaginary unicorn, Happy, shaking his world.
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