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  • Ted Lasso Poster
    Ted Lasso
    as Tracey 1 episode • #74 most popular show
    Ted Lasso is an American sports comedy-drama series featuring the character of Ted Lasso, an inexperienced American football coach who finds himself at the helm of a British soccer team. His folksy charm and unflagging optimism face the skepticism of his new team and community as he navigates the complexities of soccer, an unfamiliar sport to him.
  • Vera Poster
    as Judy Mann 1 episode • #656 most popular show
    Vera is a British crime drama television series based on the novels by Ann Cleeves. The show follows the life and work of detective chief inspector Vera Stanhope as she solves complex murder cases in the North East of England. With her sharp intuition and unconventional approach, Vera meticulously pieces together clues and unravels the truth behind each crime. Filled with suspense and intrigue, this gritty and character-driven series explores the dark underbelly of human society, portraying the complexities of the criminal mind and the resilience of the human spirit.
  • Gentleman Jack Poster
    Gentleman Jack
    as Mary Sowden 5 episodes • #1,047 most popular show
    Gentleman Jack is a British historical drama television series that recounts the real-life story of Anne Lister, an English landowner and diarist. Set in 19th century Yorkshire, the show follows Lister as she navigates the complexities of her personal relationships and strives to establish her place in society as a lesbian. With its detailed portrayal of Lister's life, the series sheds light on the challenges faced by marginalized communities during the time period. Gentleman Jack is known for its engaging storytelling, authentic period details, and the powerful performance of Suranne Jones in the lead role.
  • The Long Shadow Poster
    The Long Shadow
    as Nora Browne 1 episode • #1,418 most popular show
    The Long Shadow is a British true crime drama series that follows the intense investigation into Peter Sutcliffe, known as the Yorkshire Ripper. The narrative encapsulates the most extensive manhunt in British history, led by the South Yorkshire police from 1975 to 1981, which not only sought to end a spree of horrific crimes but also revolutionized police investigative methods.
  • Better Poster
    as DCI Sandy Mosby 5 episodes • #2,045 most popular show
    Better is a British crime drama television series that centers on DI Lou Slack, a corrupt police detective who seeks redemption after a personal crisis brings her to a moral reckoning. Faced with the consequences of her past actions, she strives to right the wrongs of her twenty-year career while entangled in complex relationships with criminals and colleagues.
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