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  • Grey's Anatomy Poster
    Grey's Anatomy
    as Dr. Shagrin 2 episodes • #20 most popular show
    Grey's Anatomy is a medical drama television series that follows the personal and professional lives of surgical interns, residents, and attendings at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. Created by Shonda Rhimes, the show explores the challenges and triumphs of the talented doctors as they navigate their careers and personal relationships. With its compelling characters and intricate storylines, Grey's Anatomy has become a cultural phenomenon, touching on themes of love, loss, and the complexities of the medical field.
  • Mom Poster
    as Vern 1 episode • #290 most popular show
    Mom is a popular American sitcom that premiered on CBS in 2013. The series revolves around the lives of mother-daughter duo Christy and Bonnie Plunkett as they navigate their journey to recovery from substance abuse. With a perfect balance of comedy and heartfelt moments, Mom tackles complex issues such as addiction, family dynamics, and personal growth. The talented ensemble cast, led by Anna Faris and Allison Janney, delivers outstanding performances, creating a relatable and engaging viewing experience for audiences of all ages.
  • grown-ish Poster
    as Crusty Old Professor 1 episode • #805 most popular show
    Grown-ish is a popular American sitcom that follows the story of Zoey Johnson as she navigates through the challenges of college life. The show tackles various social and cultural issues faced by young adults, providing a unique blend of comedy and drama. With its relatable characters and witty writing, Grown-ish has resonated with audiences around the world, becoming a significant cultural phenomenon.
  • Perry Mason Poster
    Perry Mason
    as Judge 1 episode • #954 most popular show
    Perry Mason is a gripping legal drama that follows the life of a brilliant criminal defense attorney named Perry Mason in 1930s Los Angeles. Known for his impeccable courtroom skills, Mason takes on seemingly impossible cases and uses his sharp intellect and unwavering determination to uncover the truth. With each episode filled with suspense and intrigue, viewers are drawn into Mason's world as he navigates through a complex web of deceit, corruption, and betrayal. This gripping series keeps audiences on the edge of their seats as they witness the brilliant mind of Perry Mason at work.
  • Mr. Mayor Poster
    Mr. Mayor
    as Angry Old Man 1 episode • #1,780 most popular show
    Mr. Mayor is a television sitcom that revolves around a retired businessman, Neil Bremer, who runs for mayor of Los Angeles to aggravate his teenage daughter. The show explores the diverse, humorous, and often over-complicated political landscape of LA, through the lenses of the city mayor and his administration.
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