TV Shows - Nancy Sekhokoane
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  • Supa Team 4 Poster
    Supa Team 4
    as Zee / Za-Mpezi (voice) 8 episodes • #1,733 most popular show
    Supa Team 4 is an animated television series that revolves around the lives of four teenage girls who are drafted into a superhero collective by a former secret agent. Balancing the trials of secondary school and the responsibility of safeguarding the world, these friends work together to combat supervillains in their neo-futuristic city.
Movies - Nancy Sekhokoane
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  • The Woman King Poster
    The Woman King
    as Shopkeeper • #1,960 most popular movie
    The Woman King is an upcoming historical drama film based on the true story of the all-female military unit of the Kingdom of Dahomey, in present-day Benin, during the 18th and 19th centuries. The film explores the extraordinary journey of Nanisca, a general of the Amazon-like warriors, as she battles against French colonial forces. Directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood, The Woman King promises to offer a captivating and empowering glimpse into the little-known history of these fearless women warriors.