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    Almost Paradise
    as Ike Ocampo 20 episodes • #1,212 most popular show
    Almost Paradise is a thrilling crime drama series that follows the life of a former US DEA agent who is forced into early retirement. Set on a picturesque island in the Philippines, the show explores the secrets and crimes lurking under the paradise-like exterior. As the protagonist runs a gift store in the small town, he becomes entangled in local crime cases and uses his extensive experience and skills to solve them. With a perfect blend of action, mystery, and stunning tropical landscapes, Almost Paradise takes viewers on an exciting journey filled with suspense and unexpected twists.
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    Anthony Buencamino, professionally known as Nonie Buencamino, is a Filipino character actor known for his theater work. He is strongly associated with Philippine New Wave Cinema, having appeared in notable films such as Jun Lana's Barber's Tales and Jerrold Tarog's Heneral Luna, portraying Mayor Bartolome and Felipe Buencamino respectively. Born on November 28, 1966, he comes from a talented musical family and is a grandnephew of renowned Kundiman composer Francisco Beltran Buencamino Sr. Nonie is married to actress Shamaine Centenera-Buencamino, and they have four children, including actresses Delphine and the late Julia Buencamino.

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