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  • Jersey Shore Poster
    Jersey Shore
    71 episodes • #500 most popular show
    Jersey Shore is an American reality television series that aired on MTV, spotlighting the exuberant summer escapades of eight housemates in the coastal region of New Jersey. The show is known for its unique cultural lexicon and bustling depiction of the young adult experience.
  • Punk'd Poster
    as Himself 1 episode • #1,390 most popular show
    Punk'd is a reality TV show created by master prankster Ashton Kutcher. In each episode, Kutcher and his team orchestrate elaborate pranks on some of the biggest stars in the world. The show aims to bring these high-flying celebrities back down to earth by playing practical jokes that exploit their fame and wealth. With witty humor and unexpected surprises, Punk'd keeps viewers entertained and gives them a glimpse into the more vulnerable and hilarious sides of their favorite stars.
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