TV Shows - Teo Yoo
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  • Arthdal Chronicles Poster
    Arthdal Chronicles
    as Ragaz 1 episode • #1,041 most popular show
    Arthdal Chronicles is a South Korean television series that synthesizes fantasy and history, showcasing the calamity-ridden civilization of mythical Arthdal. The struggle for power, love, and survival unfolds, portraying the dawn of civilization.
  • Dr. Brain Poster
    Dr. Brain
    as Secretary Yoon 6 episodes • #1,920 most popular show
    Dr. Brain is a South Korean science fiction drama television series. The show follows the story of a genius brain scientist who uses his remarkable skills to solve mysteries and uncover the truth. Combining elements of crime-solving and neuroscience, the series delves into the intricacies of the human mind and showcases the power of science in unraveling complex situations. With its compelling storyline and strong performances, Dr. Brain offers a unique blend of suspense, psychology, and scientific discovery.
Movies - Teo Yoo
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  • Past Lives Poster
    Past Lives
    as Hae Sung • #376 most popular movie
    Past Lives is a captivating mystery thriller that explores the concept of reincarnation. The film follows the story of a young woman who starts experiencing vivid memories of a past life. As she delves deeper into her past, she discovers unsettling truths and unravels a complex web of connections. With its thought-provoking storyline and compelling performances, Past Lives keeps viewers on the edge of their seats, questioning the existence of past lives and the impact they can have on the present. This movie is a must-watch for those who enjoy suspenseful tales with a touch of the supernatural.