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  • The Tudors Poster
    The Tudors
    as Unkindness 1 episode • #480 most popular show
    The Tudors is a historical drama television series that chronicles the reign of King Henry VIII. Set in 16th century England, the show follows the complex and tumultuous life of the infamous monarch, showcasing his political exploits, romantic affairs, and religious conflicts. With its lavish production values and compelling storytelling, The Tudors brings to life this fascinating era of British history, exploring themes of power, loyalty, and personal ambition. Through its intricate plotlines and well-crafted characters, the series offers a captivating portrayal of the events and personalities that shaped one of the most iconic periods in English history.
  • Sanctuary: A Witch's Tale Poster
    Sanctuary: A Witch's Tale
    as Bridget Paterson 7 episodes • #1,520 most popular show
    Sanctuary: A Witch's Tale is a fantasy drama series set in a modern-day world where witchcraft is an acknowledged reality. The narrative unfolds in the picturesque English town of Sanctuary, a place with a longstanding history of harmonious life between witches and non-magical residents. The series explores the tensions that arise when this peaceful coexistence is suddenly threatened.
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