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  • The Blacklist Poster
    The Blacklist
    as Basil Vladakis 1 episode • #139 most popular show
    The Blacklist is an American crime thriller television series that premiered on NBC. The show follows Raymond "Red" Reddington, a former government agent turned high-profile criminal who voluntarily surrenders to the FBI. He offers to help track down and apprehend some of the most dangerous criminals in the world, but only if he is allowed to work with a rookie profiler. The Blacklist has received critical acclaim for its suspenseful storytelling, compelling characters, and the performances of its cast.
  • The Mentalist Poster
    The Mentalist
    as Leonard "Len" Artash 1 episode • #402 most popular show
    The Mentalist is an American crime procedural TV show that aired from 2008 to 2015. The series follows former psychic medium Patrick Jane, who uses his exceptional observational skills to assist the California Bureau of Investigation in solving complex criminal cases. With his captivating charm and unorthodox methods, Jane finds himself entangled in a compelling journey of unraveling mysteries and seeking justice. The show combines elements of drama, mystery, and humor to create an intriguing narrative that keeps viewers engaged throughout.
  • The Closer Poster
    The Closer
    as Alex Serabian 1 episode • #520 most popular show
    The Closer is a drama television series that follows Deputy Police Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson as she leads a specialized LAPD unit focused on solving high-profile murder cases. Johnson's unorthodox methods and determined personality often create conflicts with her fellow colleagues. However, her exceptional skills as an interrogator earn her the respect of even the most skeptical critics.
  • Home Improvement Poster
    Home Improvement
    as Antonio 6 episodes • #529 most popular show
    Home Improvement is an American sitcom that aired from 1991 to 1999. The show revolves around Tim Taylor, a talented but accident-prone handyman who hosts a local home improvement show called 'Tool Time'. Tim is always striving to improve things, but his unique approach often leads to comedic mishaps. Alongside Tim is his patient and loving wife Jill, their three mischievous sons, and their quirky neighbor Wilson, who provides sage advice through his fence. Home Improvement combines humor and heart as it explores the challenges and victories of family life.
  • Las Vegas Poster
    Las Vegas
    1 episode • #668 most popular show
    Las Vegas is an American comedy-drama television series that aired on NBC from September 22, 2003, to February 15, 2008. It revolves around the daily operations and challenges faced by the staff at the Montecito, a fictional hotel and casino on the Las Vegas Strip. The show features a diverse cast, including James Caan, Josh Duhamel, Nikki Cox, and Tom Selleck, and initially focuses on the strict ex-CIA officer Ed Deline, who is the president of operations at the Montecito. Former Marine Danny McCoy, Ed's protégé, later assumes the role of president. The series explores a wide range of issues, from casino security to restaurant management and valet parking.
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    Vasili Bogazianos Biography
    Vasili Bogazianos (born February 1, 1945) is an American actor. He is best known for his role as Benny Sago #2 on the television series All My Children, in which he appeared from 1980 to 1990. Bogazianos started his television career with a small role on The Edge of Night as Mickey Dials, alias Tobias. He later replaced Lawrence Fleischman as Benny on All My Children. Additionally, he had a recurring role as Antonio, a rude and sarcastic waiter, on Home Improvement. Bogazianos has made appearances on other soap operas such as Days of Our Lives, The Young and the Restless, and As the World Turns. He returned to All My Children for the funeral of Phoebe Wallingford in 2005.

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