Welcome to the episode guide for Gentleman Jack on Television Stats. Gentleman Jack has 16 episodes across 2 seasons. The show premiered on April 22, 2019 and the latest episode aired on June 13, 2022. Gentleman Jack has ended, running for a total of 3 years years. Dive in below for a detailed list of each season, including episode air dates and titles.
Season 1 - Gentleman Jack
Apr 22, 2019
S1 : E1
I was just passing
Apr 29, 2019
S1 : E2
I just went there to study anatomy
Apr 29, 2019
S1 : E27
I Just Went There To Study Anatomy
May 06, 2019
S1 : E3
Oh is that what you call it?
May 13, 2019
S1 : E4
Most women are dull and stupid
May 20, 2019
S1 : E5
Let's have another look at your past perfect
May 27, 2019
S1 : E6
Do ladies do that?
Jun 03, 2019
S1 : E7
Why've you brought that?
Jun 10, 2019
S1 : E8
Are you still talking?
Season 2 - Gentleman Jack
Apr 10, 2022
S2 : E1
Faith Is All
Apr 17, 2022
S2 : E2
Two Jacks Don't Suit
Apr 24, 2022
S2 : E3
Tripe All Over the Place, Presumably
May 01, 2022
S2 : E4
I'm Not the Other Woman, She Is
May 08, 2022
S2 : E5
A Lucky and Narrow Escape
May 15, 2022
S2 : E6
I Can Be as a Meteor in Your Life
May 22, 2022
S2 : E7
What's All That Got to Do with Jesus Though?
May 29, 2022
S2 : E8
It's Not Illegal
How many seasons of Gentleman Jack are there?
There have been a total of 2 seasons of Gentleman Jack.
How many episodes of Gentleman Jack are there?
There are 16 episodes of Gentleman Jack. Each Gentleman Jack season averages a total of 8 episodes.
Is Gentleman Jack over?
Yes, Gentleman Jack is no longer in production and has completed its run.