Solo Leveling Episodes
Solo Leveling has 12 episodes over 1 season. The show premiered on January 07, 2024 and the latest episode aired on March 30, 2024. Solo Leveling has been on the air for 1 year. Here is a detailed list of each season, including episode air dates and titles.
Season 1 - Solo Leveling
Jan 06, 2024
S1 : E1
I'm Used to It
Jan 13, 2024
S1 : E2
If I Had One More Chance
Jan 20, 2024
S1 : E3
It's Like a Game
Jan 27, 2024
S1 : E4
I've Gotta Get Stronger
Feb 03, 2024
S1 : E5
A Pretty Good Deal
Feb 10, 2024
S1 : E6
The Real Hunt Begins
Feb 17, 2024
S1 : E7
Let's See How Far I Can Go
Mar 02, 2024
S1 : E8
This Is Frustrating
Mar 09, 2024
S1 : E9
You've Been Hiding Your Skills
Mar 16, 2024
S1 : E10
What Is This, a Picnic?
Mar 23, 2024
S1 : E11
A Knight Who Defends an Empty Throne
Mar 30, 2024
S1 : E12
How many seasons of Solo Leveling are there?
There has been a total of 1 season of Solo Leveling.
How many episodes of Solo Leveling are there?
There are 12 episodes of Solo Leveling. Each Solo Leveling season averages a total of 12 episodes.
Is Solo Leveling over?
No, Solo Leveling is not over. It is ongoing and will have more episodes.