What is That's My Jam (TV) About?
That's My Jam is a television game show that combines elements of music, comedy, and competition, with a concept executive produced by Jimmy Fallon. Rooted in the late-night talk show tradition, the series extends the variety format by inviting celebrity guests to contend in a succession of music and dance-driven games on a weekly basis. The games are derived from popular segments and challenges that have become synonymous with Fallon's brand of entertainment, such as 'Wheel of Musical Impressions,' 'Musical Genre Challenge,' and 'History of Rap.' The inclusion of both established and original games ensures a fresh and dynamic viewing experience.\n\nParticipants, often A-list celebrities, engage in these challenges that are designed not only to test their musical and performative talents but also to provide humorous and memorable moments. The show's structure encourages a casual and exuberant atmosphere where celebrities showcase their skills, improvise, and often step outside their comfort zones. With a focus on feel-good energy and spontaneous fun, 'That's My Jam' delivers a blend of spectacle and laughter, aiming to entertain a broad audience. The combination of Fallon's signature comedic style and the interactive nature of the games culminates in a television show that emphasizes playfulness and showmanship.
The first episode of That's My Jam aired on November 29, 2021 and the most recent episode to air was on May 15, 2023.