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List of all The Peripheral Episodes

The Peripheral list of episodes
The Peripheral epsiode guide from Television Stats. The Peripheral has 8 episodes over the course of 1 season. The first episode of The Peripheral aired on October 20, 2022 and the most recent episode to air was on December 01, 2022. The Peripheral is in production and has been on the air for a total of 0 years. Here is a rundown of seasons and episode air dates and titles for all The Peripheral episodes.
Season 1 - The Peripheral
Oct 21, 2022
S1 : E1
Oct 21, 2022
S1 : E2
Empathy Bonus
Oct 28, 2022
S1 : E3
Haptic Drift
Nov 04, 2022
S1 : E4
Nov 11, 2022
S1 : E5
What About Bob?
Nov 18, 2022
S1 : E6
Fuck You and Eat Shit
Nov 25, 2022
S1 : E7
The Doodad
Dec 02, 2022
S1 : E8
The Creation of a Thousand Forests
How many seasons of The Peripheral are there?
There have been a total of 1 seasons of The Peripheral.
How many episodes of The Peripheral are there?
There are 8 episodes of The Peripheral. Each The Peripheral season averages a total of 8 episodes.
Is The Peripheral over?
No, The Peripheral is ongoing and will have more episodes.