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  • True Detective Poster
    True Detective
    as Emily 6 episodes • #100 most popular show
    True Detective is a critically acclaimed crime drama television series. The show follows the lives and investigations of various detectives as they uncover dark secrets and navigate complex cases. With its gritty and atmospheric setting, compelling storytelling, and stellar performances, True Detective has captivated audiences and garnered a dedicated fan base. Each season of the show features a different case and a new cast, allowing for fresh perspectives and intriguing plotlines. True Detective has been praised for its deep character development, intricate plotting, and thought-provoking exploration of the human psyche.
  • Star Wars: Andor Poster
    Star Wars: Andor
    as Bix Caleen 12 episodes • #158 most popular show
    Star Wars: Andor is a thrilling science fiction television series set in the iconic Star Wars universe. The show follows the adventures of Cassian Andor, a rebel spy who played a crucial role in the Rebel Alliance's fight against the Galactic Empire, as depicted in the film Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Featuring high-stakes espionage, intense action sequences, and a deep exploration of complex characters, Star Wars: Andor offers fans a captivating narrative that expands upon the beloved Star Wars universe.
  • Person of Interest Poster
    Person of Interest
    as Dani Silva 2 episodes • #347 most popular show
    Person of Interest is a science-fiction crime drama series created by Jonathan Nolan. Starring Jim Caviezel and Michael Emerson, the show centers on a super machine with predictive abilities to foresee local crimes. The team of an ex-CIA operative and a billionaire inventor use this technology to prevent these incidents.
  • Good Omens Poster
    Good Omens
    as Anathema Device 6 episodes • #466 most popular show
    Good Omens is a comedic fantasy miniseries based on the novel of the same name by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. Set in a world where the Apocalypse is fast approaching, the show follows an angel and a demon who form an unlikely alliance in order to prevent the end of the world. The series humorously explores themes of good and evil, faith, and humanity's ability to determine its own destiny. With a talented ensemble cast and witty writing, Good Omens delivers a delightful and thought-provoking viewing experience.
  • Narcos Poster
    as Helena 1 episode • #485 most popular show
    Narcos is a crime drama television series that follows the rise and fall of the infamous Medellín drug cartel in Colombia. The show explores the true story of drug lord Pablo Escobar and the efforts of the DEA to bring him down. With its gripping storyline, intense action sequences, and authentic portrayal of the drug trade in the 1980s, Narcos offers an enthralling look into the world of organized crime and its impact on society.
  • The Kelly Clarkson Show Poster
    The Kelly Clarkson Show
    1 episode • #745 most popular show
    The Kelly Clarkson Show is a daytime talk show hosted by American singer and songwriter Kelly Clarkson. The show features discussions on various topics including celebrity interviews, inspiring stories, and live musical performances. Clarkson engages with her guests in a candid and relatable manner, creating an intimate and welcoming atmosphere. The show's format also incorporates fun games and segments that entertain and engage the audience. With its mix of entertainment, personal stories, and heartfelt moments, The Kelly Clarkson Show offers an uplifting and entertaining viewing experience.
  • Irma Vep Poster
    Irma Vep
    as Laurie 8 episodes • #1,371 most popular show
    Irma Vep is a French television drama series that revolves around the life of a talented and enigmatic actress named Irma Vep. This captivating show takes viewers on a thrilling journey as they uncover the secrets and complexities of the entertainment industry through the eyes of Irma. With its captivating storyline and exceptional performances, Irma Vep is a must-watch for fans of intense character-driven dramas.
Movies - Adria Arjona
Sorted by online popularity. Adria Arjona has appeared in 7 movies with data.
  • Hit Man Poster
    Hit Man
    as Madison 'Maddy' Masters • #5 most popular movie
    Hit Man is a 2023 American action comedy film co-produced and directed by Richard Linklater, starring Glen Powell and Adria Arjona. The story follows an undercover Houston police officer who poses as a reliable hitman and becomes intertwined with a woman in need.
  • Borderlands Poster
    • #389 most popular movie
    Borderlands is an upcoming American science fiction action comedy film based on the video game series of the same name. Directed by Eli Roth, the movie features an ensemble cast led by Cate Blanchett, Kevin Hart, and Jack Black.
  • Morbius Poster
    as Martine Bancroft • #871 most popular movie
    Morbius is an upcoming science fiction superhero film based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name. The film follows Dr. Michael Morbius, a brilliant biochemist who, in his quest to find a cure for a rare blood disorder, inadvertently transforms himself into a living vampire. As Morbius struggles to control his newfound abilities, he becomes a tragic antihero torn between his scientific aspirations and his insatiable thirst for blood. With gripping storytelling and captivating visuals, Morbius promises to be a thrilling addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
  • Blink Twice Poster
    Blink Twice
    as Sarah • #1,026 most popular movie
    Blink Twice is an upcoming American psychological black comedy-thriller film featuring an ensemble cast directed by Zoë Kravitz.
  • 6 Underground Poster
    6 Underground
    as Five • #1,155 most popular movie
    6 Underground is an action-packed thriller film directed by Michael Bay. The movie follows a group of skilled individuals who fake their own deaths to become an anonymous vigilante squad, taking down criminals who have evaded the justice system. Led by a mysterious billionaire, they carry out their missions with precision and high-tech gadgets, leaving no trace behind. With explosive action sequences, stunning visual effects, and a star-studded cast including Ryan Reynolds, Mélanie Laurent, and Dave Franco, 6 Underground is a thrilling adrenaline rush that keeps audiences on the edge of their seats.
  • Triple Frontier Poster
    Triple Frontier
    as Yovanna • #1,211 most popular movie
    Triple Frontier is an action thriller film directed by J.C. Chandor. The story follows a group of former Special Operations soldiers who reunite to plan a heist in a sparsely populated multi-border zone of South America. As their adrenaline rush takes over, they soon find themselves in a dangerous battle against greed and betrayal. With its intense action sequences and suspenseful plot, Triple Frontier keeps audiences on the edge of their seats from start to finish.
  • The Absence of Eden Poster
    The Absence of Eden
    as Yadira • #4,419 most popular movie
    The Absence of Eden is a 2023 thriller film directed and co-written by Marco Perego. It features a storyline where an ICE Agent and an undocumented woman join forces to rescue a young girl from a dangerous cartel.
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Adria Arjona Biography
Adria Arjona Torres (born April 25, 1992) is a Puerto Rican actress known for her roles in various movies and TV shows. She gained recognition for portraying Dorothy Gale in the TV series Emerald City (2017) and Anathema Device in the TV adaptation of Good Omens (2019). Arjona has also appeared in supporting roles in films such as Pacific Rim Uprising (2018), Life of the Party (2018), Triple Frontier (2019), 6 Underground (2019), and Morbius (2022). Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, she lived in Mexico City before moving to Miami at the age of twelve. Arjona studied acting at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in New York City.

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