Shows like Person of Interest
Looking for shows that are like Person of Interest? Take a look at these great shows sorted by online popularity today.
  • The Blacklist image

    1. The Blacklist

    #145 most popular show yesterday

    The show's mix of procedural elements with long-term story arcs provides a draw for viewers who enjoy the layers of intrigue and character development found in Person of Interest. Plus, the central enigmatic figure of Reddington adds a depth of mystery similar to that of Harold Finch.

  • Westworld image

    2. Westworld

    #192 most popular show yesterday

    Created by Jonathan Nolan, who also co-created Person of Interest, Westworld fuses artificial intelligence with a complex narrative. Fans of the AI elements and moral quandaries in Person of Interest might find Westworld's exploration of consciousness and free will equally compelling.

  • Fringe image

    3. Fringe

    #442 most popular show yesterday

    This series blends criminal investigation with science fiction, much like Person of Interest. With its overarching plot woven through episodic cases, Fringe offers a similar blend of the procedure with deepening mystery surrounding its core characters.

  • Mr. Robot image

    4. Mr. Robot

    #456 most popular show yesterday

    Mr. Robot's themes of surveillance and the implications of technology offer a similar realm of exploration as Person of Interest. Its dark and complex narrative delving into the psyche of its characters will likely appeal to those who appreciate the layered storytelling of Person of Interest.

  • Burn Notice image

    5. Burn Notice

    #944 most popular show yesterday

    While more of a spy-centric show, Burn Notice's blend of episodic and serialized storytelling combined with a strong central character leading a double life will resonate with fans of Person of Interest. The show's frequent use of high-tech espionage lends it a similar feel.