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  • Death in Paradise Poster
    Death in Paradise
    as Matt Holt 1 episode • #225 most popular show
    Death in Paradise is a crime drama television series set on the fictional Caribbean island of Saint Marie. The show follows a team of investigative detectives who solve murder cases with a touch of tropical flair. Each episode features a cleverly constructed mystery filled with twists and turns, as well as plenty of stunning scenery and vibrant local culture. With a charming and eccentric cast of characters, Death in Paradise offers a delightful blend of thrilling whodunits, comedic moments, and a backdrop of paradise that keeps viewers hooked season after season.
  • Vera Poster
    as Sam Bishop 1 episode • #619 most popular show
    Vera is a British crime drama television series based on the novels by Ann Cleeves. The show follows the life and work of detective chief inspector Vera Stanhope as she solves complex murder cases in the North East of England. With her sharp intuition and unconventional approach, Vera meticulously pieces together clues and unravels the truth behind each crime. Filled with suspense and intrigue, this gritty and character-driven series explores the dark underbelly of human society, portraying the complexities of the criminal mind and the resilience of the human spirit.
  • Poldark Poster
    as Jim Carter 1 episode • #825 most popular show
    Poldark is a British historical drama series that portrays the life of Ross Poldark, who returns to Cornwall after the American War of Independence, finding his personal realm in disarray. Facing vast challenges, he strives to rebuild his life, manage family mines, and navigate complex social relationships within the rugged landscape of Cornwall during the late 18th century.
  • Pistol Poster
    as Jamie Reid 3 episodes • #1,199 most popular show
    Pistol is a television drama series that follows the rise and fall of iconic punk band Sex Pistols. Set in 1970s London, the show explores the band's formation, their trailblazing music, and their impact on the music industry and counterculture. Through a captivating narrative, it delves into the band's rebellious spirit, their controversies, and the personal lives of the band members. With a talented cast and a gritty portrayal of the punk rock scene, Pistol offers viewers a compelling glimpse into the raw energy and societal impact of one of the most influential bands in music history.
Movies - Alexander Arnold
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  • Yesterday Poster
    as Gavin • #56 most popular movie
    Yesterday is a musical comedy film directed by Danny Boyle. The story follows Jack Malik, a struggling musician who, after a mysterious global blackout, wakes up in a world where no one remembers The Beatles. Recognizing the opportunity, Jack starts performing their songs as his own, gaining fame and success. However, fame comes with its own set of challenges, and Jack must navigate the complexities of his newfound success while also dealing with his feelings for his lifelong best friend, Ellie. The film explores themes of fame, love, and the power of music.