Shows like Poldark
Looking for shows that are like Poldark? Take a look at these great shows sorted by online popularity today.
  • The Crown image

    1. The Crown

    #73 most popular show yesterday

    Just as Poldark focuses on a specific period in British history, The Crown explores the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. Fans will find the careful attention to historical events and personal drama equally compelling.

  • Outlander image

    2. Outlander

    #154 most popular show yesterday

    Outlander is a time-travel historical drama that, like Poldark, seamlessly weaves romance, adventure and political intrigue. Fans of Poldark's lush period details and complex characters will be drawn to Outlander's similar attributes.

  • Downton Abbey image

    3. Downton Abbey

    #200 most popular show yesterday

    With its focus on both the aristocracy and the working class during the early 20th century, Downton Abbey offers the same kind of societal exploration as Poldark. Viewers will appreciate the intricate storytelling and dramatic character arcs.

  • The Tudors image

    4. The Tudors

    #521 most popular show yesterday

    The Tudors dives into the scandalous reign of King Henry VIII, filled with political maneuvering and complex relationships. Poldark viewers will enjoy the similarly high production values and the engaging historical plotlines.