Shows like Outlander
Looking for shows that are like Outlander? Take a look at these great shows sorted by online popularity today.
  • Vikings image

    1. Vikings

    #237 most popular show yesterday

    While set in a different period, Vikings offers a gritty portrayal of the lives and epic adventures of the legendary Norse heroes. Its combination of fierce battles, complex characters, and historical narratives will captivate Outlander fans.

  • The Tudors image

    2. The Tudors

    #508 most popular show yesterday

    Dramatizing the reign and marriages of King Henry VIII, The Tudors is rich with political intrigue, lush costumes, and vivid historical detail, which will resonate well with audiences who have a penchant for Outlander's blend of historical fiction and drama.

  • Timeless image

    3. Timeless

    #848 most popular show yesterday

    Although more of a science fiction take on the genre, Timeless involves time travel to key historical events, much like Outlander. Its blend of history and adventure through different time periods will surely engage Outlander's audience.