Shows like Vikings
Looking for shows that are like Vikings? Take a look at these great shows sorted by online popularity today.
  • Game of Thrones image

    1. Game of Thrones

    #24 most popular show yesterday

    Though more fantasy than historical, 'Game of Thrones' offers a complex political landscape, brutal power struggles, and epic battles that should satisfy any 'Vikings' fan's appetite for drama and spectacle.

  • The Witcher image

    2. The Witcher

    #31 most popular show yesterday

    For those who enjoy the blend of history and mythology in 'Vikings', 'The Witcher', based on the book series by Andrzej Sapkowski, delivers a dark and twisted fantasy world with intense combat sequences and a complex protagonist.

  • The Last Kingdom image

    3. The Last Kingdom

    #174 most popular show yesterday

    This series is based on Bernard Cornwell's 'The Saxon Stories' novels, detailing the resistance of the Saxons against the Viking invaders. With intense battles and a gripping portrayal of warrior culture, it's a prime pick for fans of 'Vikings'.

  • Spartacus image

    4. Spartacus

    #386 most popular show yesterday

    This graphic and visceral portrayal of a famous Roman slave's rise through the gladiator ranks to lead a rebellion offers the same blood-pumping action that followers of 'Vikings' would appreciate.

  • Black Sails image

    5. Black Sails

    #390 most popular show yesterday

    Focusing on the golden age of piracy, 'Black Sails' combines historical figures with fictional ones in a high-stakes drama. The power plays and battle scenes will be familiar territory for 'Vikings' fans.

  • Marco Polo image

    6. Marco Polo

    #1,113 most popular show yesterday

    Set in the 13th century in the court of Kublai Khan, 'Marco Polo' features a rich tapestry of cultural interactions, martial conflicts, and stunning visuals similar to the epic storytelling of 'Vikings'.

  • Barbarians image

    7. Barbarians

    #1,143 most popular show yesterday

    Depicting the battle of the Teutoburg Forest, 'Barbarians' dives into the conflict between Germanic tribes and Roman forces. Like 'Vikings', it offers a mix of historical lore and fierce battle scenes that should captivate similar audiences.