Shows like The Witcher
Looking for shows that are like The Witcher? Take a look at these great shows sorted by online popularity today.
  • Game of Thrones image

    1. Game of Thrones

    #16 most popular show yesterday

    A sprawling, complex fantasy series full of political intrigue, mystical creatures, and epic battles. Like The Witcher, viewers who enjoy rich world-building and multi-layered character arcs will find much to love.

  • The Mandalorian image

    2. The Mandalorian

    #187 most popular show yesterday

    Though set in the Star Wars universe, The Mandalorian offers a similar lone-wolf protagonist on a quest through a detailed world, which might appeal to viewers who enjoy Geralt's adventures.

  • Vikings image

    3. Vikings

    #273 most popular show yesterday

    While not fantasy, Vikings shares The Witcher's gritty and raw portrayal of a historical and brutal world, along with complex characters and political dynamics that fans of the genre can relate to.

  • The Wheel of Time image

    4. The Wheel of Time

    #288 most popular show yesterday

    Adapted from a beloved book series, The Wheel of Time offers a detailed fantasy universe with a strong emphasis on destiny and magic, which fans of The Witcher's lore-rich storytelling will enjoy.

  • His Dark Materials image

    5. His Dark Materials

    #464 most popular show yesterday

    This adaptation of Philip Pullman's novels explores parallel worlds and mystical entities with a complex moral compass, which will resonate with followers of The Witcher's morally grey characters.

  • Shadow and Bone image

    6. Shadow and Bone

    #739 most popular show yesterday

    Based on popular fantasy novels, this series blends magical powers and dark forces in a compelling narrative. Fans of The Witcher's blend of magic and action will appreciate the similar themes.