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  • The Good Doctor Poster
    The Good Doctor
    as Lexi Dunn 1 episode • #61 most popular show
    The Good Doctor is a medical drama series that follows the story of Shaun Murphy, a young surgical resident with autism and savant syndrome. The show explores Shaun's struggles and triumphs as he navigates the complexities of the medical field and interacts with his colleagues and patients. With a unique perspective and exceptional medical skills, Shaun constantly challenges the norms and prejudices of his profession, shedding light on the importance of embracing diversity and inclusion in the workplace.
  • The View Poster
    The View
    as Self 1 episode • #227 most popular show
    The View is an American daytime talk show airing on ABC that features a diverse panel of female co-hosts. These co-hosts engage in discussions on current sociopolitical issues, entertainment, and hot topics of the day, in addition to conducting interviews with celebrities and public figures. The show is known for its multi-generational lineup and varying perspectives.
  • Two and a Half Men Poster
    Two and a Half Men
    as Brooke 5 episodes • #288 most popular show
    Two and a Half Men is a popular American sitcom that first aired on CBS in September 2003. The show, created by Lee Aronsohn and Chuck Lorre, revolves around hedonistic jingle writer Charlie Harper, his tightfisted brother Alan, and Alan's son Jake. The series explores their unconventional domestic setup and various humorous events.
  • The Kelly Clarkson Show Poster
    The Kelly Clarkson Show
    1 episode • #878 most popular show
    The Kelly Clarkson Show is a daytime talk show hosted by American singer and songwriter Kelly Clarkson. The show features discussions on various topics including celebrity interviews, inspiring stories, and live musical performances. Clarkson engages with her guests in a candid and relatable manner, creating an intimate and welcoming atmosphere. The show's format also incorporates fun games and segments that entertain and engage the audience. With its mix of entertainment, personal stories, and heartfelt moments, The Kelly Clarkson Show offers an uplifting and entertaining viewing experience.
  • MacGyver Poster
    as Frankie Mallory 2 episodes • #879 most popular show
    MacGyver is a popular action-adventure television series that follows the thrilling escapades of Angus MacGyver, a brilliant and resourceful problem solver. Using his exceptional intellect and unconventional methods, MacGyver tackles dangerous missions and confronts various adversaries. Armed with nothing but his ingenuity and a trusty Swiss Army knife, he navigates through high-stakes situations, relying on his scientific knowledge, engineering skills, and quick thinking. Throughout the series, viewers are captivated by MacGyver's ability to create unconventional contraptions out of everyday objects, making him a true icon of resourcefulness and determination.
  • iZombie Poster
    as Peyton Charles 71 episodes • #1,002 most popular show
    iZombie is an American television series that combines elements of crime, comedy, and horror. The show follows Olivia Moore, a medical resident turned zombie who uses the memories of the brains she consumes to solve crimes. Set in Seattle, the series offers a unique twist on the typical detective genre, as Olivia must hide her true identity while working with her colleague Dr. Ravi Chakrabarti and detective Clive Babineaux. With a perfect balance of wit, suspense, and character development, iZombie keeps viewers engrossed in its clever storytelling and captivating performances.
  • Celebrity Family Feud Poster
    Celebrity Family Feud
    as Self 1 episode • #1,234 most popular show
    Celebrity Family Feud is a thrilling game show that brings together popular celebrities and their families in a battle of wit and quick thinking. Hosted by a charismatic host, the show challenges the participants to guess the top responses to survey-style questions asked to a panel of 100 people. Through a series of exciting rounds, the celebrities use their knowledge and intuition to earn points for their team. With hilarious moments, unexpected twists, and entertaining banter, Celebrity Family Feud promises non-stop entertainment for both the participants and the viewers.
  • Full Frontal with Samantha Bee Poster
    Full Frontal with Samantha Bee
    as Self - Musical Guest 1 episode • #1,514 most popular show
    Full Frontal with Samantha Bee was an American late-night talk show and news satire television program hosted by Samantha Bee that aired on TBS from 2016 to 2022. The show offered a distinctive perspective on contemporary political and cultural issues and showcased Bee's interviewing skills and interactions with global figures.
Movies - Aly Michalka
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  • Grown Ups 2 Poster
    Grown Ups 2
    as Bikini Girl Savannah • #901 most popular movie
    Grown Ups 2 is a 2013 American comedy film and a sequel to the 2010 film Grown Ups. It follows the story of Lenny, who moves his family back to his hometown where he and his friends grew up. The film explores the comedic situations and lessons the grown ups learn from their kids on the eventful last day of school.
  • Easy A Poster
    Easy A
    as Rhiannon Abernathy • #1,478 most popular movie
    Easy A is a 2010 American teen romantic comedy film directed by Will Gluck, starring Emma Stone, Stanley Tucci, Patricia Clarkson, Thomas Haden Church, and Amanda Bynes. The screenplay was inspired by the novel The Scarlet Letter.
  • The Roommate Poster
    The Roommate
    as Tracy • #4,286 most popular movie
    The Roommate is a 2011 American psychological thriller film about a college freshman named Sara who becomes close to her wealthy roommate Rebecca, but things take a dark turn when Sara starts to make other friends on campus.
  • Bandslam Poster
    as Charlotte Banks • #5,821 most popular movie
    Bandslam is a 2009 American musical romantic comedy drama film directed by Todd Graff. The story centers around a high school misfit, Will, and the popular girl, Charlotte, who connect over their mutual passion for music. Together, they form a band with a group of like-minded friends and participate in a music competition known as 'Bandslam.'
  • Cow Belles Poster
    Cow Belles
    as Taylor Callum • #6,128 most popular movie
    Cow Belles is a 2006 romantic teen comedy Disney Channel Original film that stars American pop recording artists Alyson Michalka and Amanda Michalka, also known as sister duo Aly & AJ. The movie premiered on March 24, 2006 on the Disney Channel and was watched by over 5.8 million viewers.
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Aly Michalka Biography
Alyson Renae Michalka, known professionally as Aly Michalka, is an American actress and singer-songwriter born on March 25, 1989, in Torrance, California. She gained recognition for her role as Keely Teslow in the Disney Channel sitcom Phil of the Future from 2004 to 2006. Michalka has appeared in several films including Bandslam (2009), Easy A (2010), The Roommate (2011), Grown Ups 2 (2013), Sequoia (2014), Weepah Way for Now (2015), and The Lears (2017). She also had starring roles in the CW series Hellcats (2010–2011) and iZombie (2015–2019). Additionally, Michalka is part of the musical duo Aly & AJ with her sister AJ, and they released music under the name 78violet for a brief period.

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