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  • The Tourist Poster
    The Tourist
    as Andrea (Trim Team) 1 episode • #561 most popular show
    The Tourist is a television drama thriller that explores the plight of a man who finds himself in the vast Australian outback with amnesia. His only chance at survival is to piece together his fragmented memory, using the scant clues at his disposal to uncover his identity and unravel the mystery entwining his present and past.
  • Fisk Poster
    as Peggy 1 episode • #1,508 most popular show
    Fisk is a Brazilian television series that follows the life of the ambitious lawyer Helen Fisk. Through a compelling narrative, the show delves into the underbelly of the judicial system, exploring the challenges and ethical dilemmas faced by Fisk as she strives for justice. With its intense storytelling and complex characters, Fisk offers a gripping portrayal of the legal world, shedding light on corruption, power struggles, and the lengths to which individuals will go in order to win. This thought-provoking drama is a must-watch for fans of legal thrillers.
  • Wakefield Poster
    as Tessa Knight 8 episodes • #2,127 most popular show
    Wakefield is a psychological drama series that explores the mind of a man named Nik, who leaves his family and society behind to live in the attic of his own garage. The show delves into the complexities of human psychology as Nik watches his family from a hidden vantage point, observing their daily lives and unraveling the secrets they keep.
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    Bessie Holland is an Aboriginal Australian actress who gained recognition for her portrayal of Stella Radic on the popular prison drama series Wentworth. Apart from her notable role on Wentworth, she has also been cast in the upcoming series Wakefield, where she joins an ensemble cast. With her talent and dedication, Holland has established herself as a promising actress in the industry. Her performances have captivated audiences and showcased her versatility as an artist. Bessie Holland's contribution to the world of television has made her a sought-after talent, and fans eagerly anticipate her future projects.

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