Shows like Wakefield
Looking for shows that are like Wakefield? Take a look at these great shows sorted by online popularity today.
  • The Sinner image

    1. The Sinner

    #755 most popular show yesterday

    Though it leans more towards the crime genre, The Sinner's deep psychological underpinnings and exploration of troubled pasts make it a strong match for fans of Wakefield's delve into complex characters grappling with internal demons.

  • Homecoming image

    2. Homecoming

    #965 most popular show yesterday

    Featuring a facility helping soldiers transition to civilian life, Homecoming's twisty narrative and its exploration of memory and trauma will engage viewers who are interested in the psychological aspects of Wakefield.

  • Wanderlust image

    3. Wanderlust

    #1,077 most popular show yesterday

    Exploring themes of relationships and personal exploration, Wanderlust dives into the story of a therapist trying to keep her own marriage alive. It's an intimate look at human connections and internal struggles that Wakefield fans may find relatable.

  • Maniac image

    4. Maniac

    #1,137 most popular show yesterday

    This mind-bending series follows two strangers during a mysterious pharmaceutical trial that promises to solve all their problems permanently. Fans of Wakefield's exploration of mental health and reality will find Maniac's surreal and emotionally rich narrative intriguing.

  • In Treatment image

    5. In Treatment

    #1,446 most popular show yesterday

    Delving deep into the complexities of the human psyche, In Treatment presents a captivating take on psychotherapy sessions with a compelling lead therapist. It's a must-watch for viewers who appreciate the psychological drama and patient-therapist dynamics that are central to Wakefield.

  • You're the Worst image

    6. You're the Worst

    #1,447 most popular show yesterday

    While You're the Worst is predominantly a romantic comedy, its honest and sometimes raw depiction of mental illness, notably PTSD and depression, can resonate with the audience of Wakefield searching for shows with substantial and genuine portrayals of mental health.

  • Gypsy image

    7. Gypsy

    #1,526 most popular show yesterday

    While Gypsy strays more into the realm of psychological thriller than drama, it offers a fascinating look at a therapist's life, including boundary-crossing relationships with her patients. Audiences who enjoy the therapist-patient interaction in Wakefield will likely be captivated.