Shows like Gypsy
Looking for shows that are like Gypsy? Take a look at these great shows sorted by online popularity today.
  • You image

    1. You

    #76 most popular show yesterday

    Combining elements of psychological thriller and romance, You explores the dark side of obsessive love, showing the lengths one might go to for desire, which resonates with the themes of manipulation and forbidden attraction present in Gypsy.

  • Big Little Lies image

    2. Big Little Lies

    #315 most popular show yesterday

    This show weaves a tale of psychological intrigue amongst a group of women in a seemingly perfect community. Like Gypsy, it explores the complexities of relationships, secrecy, and identity that should captivate viewers looking for more character-driven suspense.

  • The Affair image

    3. The Affair

    #368 most popular show yesterday

    Exploring the emotional and psychological effects of an extramarital relationship, The Affair presents a similarly intense examination of human connections and the destructive power of desires, making it a natural follow-up for fans of Gypsy's deep character studies.

  • Sharp Objects image

    4. Sharp Objects

    #593 most popular show yesterday

    With a haunting atmosphere and a focus on a complex female protagonist returning to her troubled hometown, Sharp Objects offers a gripping mystery and psychological depth that viewers of Gypsy will appreciate.

  • The Sinner image

    5. The Sinner

    #720 most popular show yesterday

    The Sinner is an anthology series that delves into the 'why' behind heinous crimes, often unraveling deep psychological issues of its characters, much like Gypsy's foray into the hidden motivations and secrets of its protagonist.

  • Dead to Me image

    6. Dead to Me

    #894 most popular show yesterday

    Dead to Me delves into a twisted friendship between two grieving women, showcasing a blend of dark comedy and drama. Its exploration of secrets and lies within personal relationships will resonate with Gypsy fans.

  • In Treatment image

    7. In Treatment

    #1,411 most popular show yesterday

    Set within the confines of psychotherapy sessions, In Treatment offers a raw and intimate look into the therapist-patient relationship, featuring complex character dynamics that viewers who appreciate Gypsy's psychological focus will find engrossing.

  • Dirty John image

    8. Dirty John

    #1,855 most popular show yesterday

    Based on true events, Dirty John tells the story of a manipulative and dangerous romance. It's a cautionary tale of love and deception that should grip fans of Gypsy's exploration of the darker sides of relationships.