Shows like Dead to Me
Looking for shows that are like Dead to Me? Take a look at these great shows sorted by online popularity today.
  • Why Women Kill image

    1. Why Women Kill

    #143 most popular show yesterday

    This anthology series created by Marc Cherry delves into the lives of women dealing with betrayal and dissatisfaction, leading to darkly comedic and murderous outcomes. Its tonal blend of humor, drama, and mystery makes it a great fit for fans of 'Dead to Me.'

  • Desperate Housewives image

    2. Desperate Housewives

    #224 most popular show yesterday

    A classic series from Marc Cherry, 'Desperate Housewives' brings a perfect mix of dark humor, mystery, and drama set in the suburbs, much like 'Dead to Me.' It follows a group of women as they navigate life's ups and downs.

  • Sharp Objects image

    3. Sharp Objects

    #257 most popular show yesterday

    This dark miniseries features a strong female protagonist entangled in a web of psychological mysteries and small-town secrets, offering a blend of suspense and drama for those who enjoy the tense storytelling of 'Dead to Me.'

  • Big Little Lies image

    4. Big Little Lies

    #278 most popular show yesterday

    Revolving around a group of women in Monterey, California, this series combines elements of comedy, drama, and mystery, focusing on the complex dynamics of friendship and secrets. Like 'Dead to Me,' it explores the theme of female friendship amidst chaos and crime.

  • Good Girls image

    5. Good Girls

    #679 most popular show yesterday

    This series follows three suburban mothers who turn to crime to solve their financial woes, with a blend of humor and drama that's reminiscent of the darkly comedic tone of 'Dead to Me.'

  • The Flight Attendant image

    6. The Flight Attendant

    #889 most popular show yesterday

    This series involves a chaotic female lead who becomes embroiled in an international mystery, offering dark comedy with thriller elements and a perspective on life crises akin to 'Dead to Me.'

  • Santa Clarita Diet image

    7. Santa Clarita Diet

    #1,192 most popular show yesterday

    Combining suburban life with dark comedy, 'Santa Clarita Diet' stars Drew Barrymore in a role that brings humor to the macabre. It's for the audience who can handle a side of cannibalism with their drama.

  • Search Party image

    8. Search Party

    #1,326 most popular show yesterday

    This show combines the search for a missing person with millennial angst and humor, drawing viewers into a world of self-discovery and mystery that fans of 'Dead to Me' might enjoy.