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    as Sharona Fleming 47 episodes • #186 most popular show
    Monk is an American comedy-drama television series that aired on the USA Network. The show follows Adrian Monk, a brilliant detective with obsessive-compulsive disorder and a multitude of phobias. Despite his struggles with his mental health, Monk uses his remarkable attention to detail and highly observant nature to solve crimes. With the help of his assistant, Sharona, and later Natalie, Adrian Monk navigates the ups and downs of both his personal and professional life, all while working to bring justice to the world.
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Elizabeth Natalie Schram, known professionally as Bitty Schram, is an American actress. She was born on July 17, 1968, in Mountainside, New Jersey. Schram attended Jonathan Dayton High School and excelled as a competitive athlete. She later studied at the University of Maryland on a tennis scholarship and earned a degree in advertising design. Bitty Schram is best known for her role as Sharona Fleming in the television series Monk and for playing Evelyn Gardner in the film A League of Their Own (1992). Her portrayal of Evelyn Gardner, the Rockford Peaches' right fielder, brought her initial recognition. Schram has also appeared in various film, television, and Broadway theater roles. She is Jewish and uses the nickname Bitty in her acting career.

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