Shows like Monk
Looking for shows that are like Monk? Take a look at these great shows sorted by online popularity today.
  • Castle image

    1. Castle

    #147 most popular show yesterday

    Castle spins the tale of a mystery novelist who joins forces with a New York City detective to solve crimes. The dynamic between the civilian consultant and the professional detective, interwoven with comedic elements, makes Castle reminiscent of the light-hearted and clever aspects found in Monk.

  • Bones image

    2. Bones

    #278 most popular show yesterday

    Dr. Temperance Brennan, a forensic anthropologist, works with FBI agent Seeley Booth to solve murders using forensic evidence. Bones offers a captivating combination of crime-solving expertise and quirky character interactions that Monk fans will find enjoyable.

  • Psych image

    3. Psych

    #306 most popular show yesterday

    Psych follows the story of Shawn Spencer, a consultant for the Santa Barbara Police Department, who uses his eidetic memory and keen observational skills under the guise of being a psychic. Much like Monk, viewers will enjoy the blend of humor and mystery, as well as the quirky character dynamics and clever case-solving.

  • White Collar image

    4. White Collar

    #325 most popular show yesterday

    This show focuses on the unlikely partnership between a con artist and an FBI agent. If you like Monk for its unique twist on crime-solving partnerships, White Collar's charming blend of wit, drama, and intrigue based around unconventional problem-solving will draw you in.

  • The Mentalist image

    5. The Mentalist

    #409 most popular show yesterday

    Leveraging his keen powers of observation, Patrick Jane consults for the California Bureau of Investigation, using his skills to solve serious crimes. Audiences who appreciate Monk's fusion of detective work with a complex personal story will find The Mentalist engaging, with its mix of procedural format and an overarching search for justice.

  • Elementary image

    6. Elementary

    #639 most popular show yesterday

    Elementary puts a modern twist on the traditional Sherlock Holmes tales. Set in New York City, Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Joan Watson solve complex cases for the NYPD. Its unconventional protagonist and intricate mysteries make it akin to Monk in both intellect and spirit.