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  • The Last Ship Poster
    The Last Ship
    as Lt. Alisha Granderson 56 episodes • #770 most popular show
    The Last Ship is a thrilling action-packed television series that follows the crew of a naval destroyer, the USS Nathan James, on a mission to save humanity from a deadly pandemic. After a global catastrophe wipes out most of the Earth's population, the crew finds themselves as the last hope for finding a cure and preventing the virus from spreading further. With intense naval battles, high-stakes missions, and complex societal dynamics, The Last Ship combines elements of science fiction, drama, and suspense to deliver a gripping and adrenaline-filled viewing experience.
  • The Girls on the Bus Poster
    The Girls on the Bus
    as Kimberlyn Kendrick 10 episodes • #961 most popular show
    The Girls on the Bus is a political drama series that follows four female journalists on the campaign trail of various presidential candidates. The show explores their professional endeavors as well as their personal journeys, including their friendships, romantic relationships, and the intriguing scandals they encounter.
  • The Jennifer Hudson Show Poster
    The Jennifer Hudson Show
    as Self 1 episode • #1,757 most popular show
    The Jennifer Hudson Show is a syndicated daytime talk show hosted by Jennifer Hudson, an acclaimed singer and actress. The show debuted on September 12, 2022, adding a fresh voice to daytime television with Hudson's unique blend of personality and star power.
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  • Fruitvale Station Poster
    Fruitvale Station
    as Ashae • #1,728 most popular movie
    Fruitvale Station is a 2013 American biographical drama film that portrays the events leading to the tragic death of Oscar Grant, who was killed by a Bay Area Rapid Transit police officer at the Fruitvale district station in Oakland. The movie stars Michael B. Jordan as Grant and garnered critical acclaim for its poignant portrayal of Grant's last day.
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Christina Elmore Biography
Christina Lorenn Elmore (born March 18, 1987) is an American actress known for her roles in the TV series The Last Ship as Lieutenant Alisha Granderson, Twenties, and HBO's Insecure. She was born to Dr. Ronn Elmore and Aladrian Slade Elmore and was raised in Los Angeles and Sacramento, California. Elmore graduated from Franklin High School and obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in African American studies from Harvard University. She further honed her acting skills at American Conservatory Theater, where she earned her Master of Fine Arts degree in acting. Elmore's first film job was in the critically acclaimed Fruitvale Station, and she gained prominence for her role in The Last Ship, appearing as Lt. Alisha Granderson for five seasons.

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