Shows like The Jennifer Hudson Show
Looking for shows that are like The Jennifer Hudson Show? Take a look at these great shows sorted by online popularity today.
  • The View image

    1. The View

    #383 most popular show yesterday

    With a rotating panel of female hosts, The View presents hot takes on political and entertainment news. Viewers who appreciate the topical discussions and celebrity interviews on The Jennifer Hudson Show might also like the debate and conversations that arise on The View.

  • The Kelly Clarkson Show image

    2. The Kelly Clarkson Show

    #851 most popular show yesterday

    The Kelly Clarkson Show features the American Idol winner and pop sensation in her own daytime talk show. With a mix of celebrity interviews, heartfelt human interest stories, and music performances, it offers a blend of entertainment and emotional connections, appealing to the same audience of The Jennifer Hudson Show.

  • The Talk image

    3. The Talk

    #1,483 most popular show yesterday

    The Talk is a talk show that features a panel of women hosts engaging in conversations about daily news, pop culture, and personal issues, which often sees celebrity guests joining the table. The open and honest dialogue on The Talk may resonate with viewers of The Jennifer Hudson Show.

  • The Drew Barrymore Show image

    4. The Drew Barrymore Show

    #1,705 most popular show yesterday

    The Drew Barrymore Show is hosted by the eponymous actress and offers a mix of lighthearted conversation, cooking segments, and news discussions. Drew brings her own quirky and infectious charm to the screen, creating a space that fans of The Jennifer Hudson Show might find equally engaging and warm.

  • The Wendy Williams Show image

    5. The Wendy Williams Show

    #1,875 most popular show yesterday

    Known for its host's bold personality and unfiltered opinions, The Wendy Williams Show is a source for celebrity gossip, trend discussions, and a unique take on the news. Fans of the personal touch and celebrity interactions on The Jennifer Hudson Show might be entertained by Wendy's distinctive style.