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  • Emmerdale Poster
    as Rebecca White 558 episodes • #773 most popular show
    Emmerdale is a popular British soap opera that has been airing since 1972. Set in the fictional village of Emmerdale in the Yorkshire Dales, the show follows the lives of various families and their interactions with one another. Emmerdale explores a wide range of engaging storylines, tackling issues such as family dynamics, relationships, and social conflicts. With its long-standing history, compelling characters, and dramatic plot twists, Emmerdale continues to captivate audiences with its compelling storytelling and relatable characters.
  • Whitstable Pearl Poster
    Whitstable Pearl
    as Kat Bergman 1 episode • #1,157 most popular show
    Whitstable Pearl is a thrilling British crime drama series based on the novels by Julie Wassmer. Set in the picturesque coastal town of Whitstable, the show follows the life of Pearl Nolan, a local seafood restaurant owner who also happens to be an amateur detective. With her keen eye for detail and intuition, Pearl finds herself drawn into a series of mysterious and dangerous crimes, uncovering secrets and bringing justice to her community. Filled with captivating characters and stunning seaside scenery, Whitstable Pearl offers an intriguing and suspenseful journey into the world of crime-solving.
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    Emily Head (born December 15, 1988) is an English actress known for her roles in popular British television shows. She gained recognition for her breakout role as Carli D'Amato in the E4 sitcom The Inbetweeners. Head also portrayed Rebecca White in the ITV soap opera Emmerdale and Colette Andrews in the BBC drama The Syndicate. She is the elder daughter of actor Anthony Head and attended the BRIT School in Croydon, where she studied acting. In addition to her TV work, Head has appeared in the 2011 film The Inbetweeners Movie and has performed in theater productions such as Third Floor and Coram Boy.

    On July 12, 2024, Emily Head had 511 Wikipedia visits, making her the #8,676 most popular actor online.