Shows like Whitstable Pearl
Looking for shows that are like Whitstable Pearl? Take a look at these great shows sorted by online popularity today.
  • Death in Paradise image

    1. Death in Paradise

    #116 most popular show yesterday

    This series transports viewers to the idyllic island of Saint-Marie, where an out-of-place British detective unravels murder mysteries. Like Whitstable Pearl, the show combines a scenic setting with a roster of intriguing cases, all solved with a blend of wit and wisdom by the charming law enforcement team.

  • Midsomer Murders image

    2. Midsomer Murders

    #272 most popular show yesterday

    Set in the English countryside, this long-running series parallels Whitstable Pearl with its cozy yet deadly settings where myriad murders perplex the local detectives. Admirers of classic whodunits mixed with complex characters and a touch of humor will find much to love.

  • Shetland image

    3. Shetland

    #477 most popular show yesterday

    Set on the scenic Shetland Islands, this crime drama series shares the compelling atmosphere of Whitstable Pearl. Fans who appreciate the blend of a dramatic coastal setting with intricate plotlines and well-developed characters will feel right at home with Detective Inspector Jimmy Perez as he solves complex cases.

  • Vera image

    4. Vera

    #654 most popular show yesterday

    Vera, much like Whitstable Pearl, features a determined and shrewd female detective solving crimes in a tight-knit community. Audiences who are drawn to the methodical unraveling of clues and the strong sense of place characteristic of both shows will enjoy accompanying DCI Vera Stanhope on her investigations.