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    Wakefield is a psychological drama series that explores the mind of a man named Nik, who leaves his family and society behind to live in the attic of his own garage. The show delves into the complexities of human psychology as Nik watches his family from a hidden vantage point, observing their daily lives and unraveling the secrets they keep.
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    Felicity Ward is an Australian comedian known for her work in television. She has appeared on popular shows such as Spicks and Specks, Thank God You're Here, and Good News Week. Ward gained recognition for her performances on the sketch show The Ronnie Johns Half Hour, where she showcased her talent for character work, playing roles such as six-year-old Poppy, German nihilist Gretchen, and lawn bowls instructor Heidi. Additionally, she has hosted The Comedy Hour on 774 ABC Melbourne and has been a writer and performer on The Ronnie Johns Half Hour. Ward grew up in Killcare, New South Wales.

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