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    4 Blocks
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    4 Blocks is a German television series that revolves around the story of Toni Hamady, a Lebanese-origin man based in Berlin. He is trying to leave behind a life of crime and lead an honest and peaceful life with his family. However, his loyalty to his family and the pressure from the criminal underworld make it impossible for him to escape his past. The series delves into the themes of family, loyalty, and the tensions between different cultural backgrounds in modern-day Germany.
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    Frederick Lau is a German actor, born on August 17, 1989. He is known for his extensive work in both film and television, having played over 50 roles since 2000. Lau grew up and currently resides in Berlin-Steglitz. His notable achievement includes winning the prestigious Deutscher Filmpreis (German Film Awards), also known as the Lolas, for his portrayal of the student Tim in the film adaptation of Todd Strasser's novel, Die Welle. With a versatile acting range, Lau has established himself as a prominent figure in the German entertainment industry.

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