TV Shows - Jennifer Nettles
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  • The Righteous Gemstones Poster
    The Righteous Gemstones
    as Aimee-Leigh Gemstone 14 episodes • #287 most popular show
    The Righteous Gemstones is a comedy series that follows the lives of the Gemstone family, a wealthy televangelist dynasty. Led by patriarch Eli Gemstone, the family runs a successful megachurch empire, using their influence to amass vast wealth and power. As they navigate the challenges of maintaining their public image and dealing with internal family dynamics, they also find themselves entangled in a variety of scandals. Filled with dark humor and witty satire, The Righteous Gemstones offers a satirical take on religion, greed, and the contradictions of modern-day faith.
  • The Masked Singer Poster
    The Masked Singer
    as Guest Panelist 1 episode • #471 most popular show
    The Masked Singer is a reality singing competition television series that features celebrities performing in elaborate costumes and masks. The contestants are unmasked after they are eliminated, revealing their true identities. Each episode of the show follows a bracket-style tournament structure, where the judges and the audience try to guess the performers' identities based on their vocal abilities and clues given throughout the show. The Masked Singer has gained popularity for its unique concept and surprise reveals, keeping viewers engaged and guessing until the moment of truth.
  • The Graham Norton Show Poster
    The Graham Norton Show
    as Self 1 episode • #731 most popular show
    The Graham Norton Show is a British television comedy talk show hosted by Irish comedian Graham Norton. Featured on BBC One, the program showcases a variety of celebrity guests who join Norton each week to discuss current news and share humorous insights. The show is well-known for its vibrant host, engaging interviews, humorous monologues, and occasional performances by musical guests.
  • Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen Poster
    Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen
    as Self - Guest 2 episodes • #969 most popular show
    Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen is a late-night talk show that delves into pop culture with a particular focus on reality television. The show features interviews with celebrities and personalities from various Bravo reality series, fostering a casual and interactive atmosphere where guests participate in games and answer viewer questions.
  • Farmer Wants a Wife Poster
    Farmer Wants a Wife
    as Self - Host 23 episodes • #1,375 most popular show
    Farmer Wants a Wife is a reality television series where single farmers embark on a quest to find love with city women seeking a rural lifestyle. The farmers introduce their potential partners to the agricultural life, and through various challenges and romantic encounters, aim to find a spouse.
Movies - Jennifer Nettles
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  • The Exorcist: Believer Poster
    The Exorcist: Believer
    as Miranda West • #907 most popular movie
    The Exorcist: Believer is a 2023 American supernatural horror film directed by David Gordon Green. It serves as a sequel to the iconic 1973 film, The Exorcist. The story follows Victor Fielding, a single father, who is forced to confront the darkest form of evil when his daughter and her friend show signs of demonic possession. Desperate to save them, Victor seeks out the help of the only person alive who has witnessed a similar phenomenon. The film features a talented cast including Leslie Odom Jr., Lidya Jewett, and Olivia O'Neill in her film debut.
  • Harriet Poster
    as Eliza Brodess • #2,281 most popular movie
    Harriet is a biographical film that chronicles the extraordinary life of Harriet Tubman, an African-American woman who escaped slavery and dedicated herself to the abolitionist movement. Directed by Kasi Lemmons and starring Cynthia Erivo in the title role, the film showcases Tubman's courageous journey to freedom, her work as a conductor on the Underground Railroad, and her efforts to liberate dozens of enslaved individuals. Harriet provides a compelling and inspiring portrayal of Tubman's remarkable achievements, highlighting her immense bravery and determination in the face of adversity.
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Jennifer Nettles Biography
Jennifer Nettles is an American singer, songwriter, actress, and record producer. Born on September 12, 1974, in Douglas, Georgia, Nettles began her musical career as the lead vocalist of the Atlanta-based bands Soul Miner's Daughter and Jennifer Nettles Band. She gained widespread recognition as the lead vocalist of the duo Sugarland alongside Kristian Bush. Nettles has achieved significant success in her career, earning three Grammy Awards, four Country Music Association Awards, and an American Music Award. In addition to her musical endeavors, Nettles has also ventured into acting and is known for her role as a judge on the show Go-Big Show (2021).

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