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  • Bridgerton Poster
    as Joanna 1 episode • #18 most popular show
    Bridgerton is a period drama television series based on the book series of the same name by Julia Quinn. Set in London in the early 19th century, the show follows the wealthy Bridgerton family as they navigate the complexities of high society and find love. With its lavish costumes, intricate set designs, and captivating storylines, Bridgerton offers a delightful blend of romance, comedy, and drama. The show skillfully explores themes of societal expectations, love, and the pursuit of happiness, making it a must-watch for fans of historical dramas.
  • Death in Paradise Poster
    Death in Paradise
    as Petra McQuillan 1 episode • #243 most popular show
    Death in Paradise is a crime drama television series set on the fictional Caribbean island of Saint Marie. The show follows a team of investigative detectives who solve murder cases with a touch of tropical flair. Each episode features a cleverly constructed mystery filled with twists and turns, as well as plenty of stunning scenery and vibrant local culture. With a charming and eccentric cast of characters, Death in Paradise offers a delightful blend of thrilling whodunits, comedic moments, and a backdrop of paradise that keeps viewers hooked season after season.
  • Whitstable Pearl Poster
    Whitstable Pearl
    as Laurie 1 episode • #1,157 most popular show
    Whitstable Pearl is a thrilling British crime drama series based on the novels by Julie Wassmer. Set in the picturesque coastal town of Whitstable, the show follows the life of Pearl Nolan, a local seafood restaurant owner who also happens to be an amateur detective. With her keen eye for detail and intuition, Pearl finds herself drawn into a series of mysterious and dangerous crimes, uncovering secrets and bringing justice to her community. Filled with captivating characters and stunning seaside scenery, Whitstable Pearl offers an intriguing and suspenseful journey into the world of crime-solving.
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