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  • The Man in the High Castle Poster
    The Man in the High Castle
    as Anne Crain Walker 7 episodes • #278 most popular show
    The Man in the High Castle is a gripping, dystopian series based on Philip K. Dick's novel. The show presents a parallel universe where the Axis powers win WWII, leading to the United States' division between Nazi Germany and Japan. Central characters grapple with life under totalitarian regimes, battling fear, deception, and rebellion.
  • Grimm Poster
    as Doctor Hawelka 1 episode • #663 most popular show
    Grimm is a supernatural detective drama series that aired from 2011 to 2017. Inspired by the Grimm's Fairy Tales, the show follows the journey of Nick Burkhardt, a homicide detective who discovers that he is a descendant of an elite line of hunters known as Grimms. As a Grimm, Nick possesses the ability to see supernatural creatures that hide in plain sight among humans. With the help of his partner, Hank, and his confidants Monroe and Rosalee, Nick takes on the responsibility of protecting innocent lives from dangerous mythological beings while unraveling a hidden world of monsters.
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