TV Shows - Marika Kouno
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  • Dr. STONE Poster
    Dr. STONE
    as Student (voice) 1 episode • #677 most popular show
    Dr. STONE is a Japanese anime series that begins with a cataclysmic event which petrifies humanity. Thousands of years later, a student named Taiju awakens to a world of statues. His science-focused friend, Senku, has been active for months, working on a way to revive civilization through scientific knowledge and discovery.
  • Umamusume: Pretty Derby Poster
    Umamusume: Pretty Derby
    as Silence Suzuka (voice) 13 episodes • #1,588 most popular show
    Umamusume: Pretty Derby is an anime series set in a world where racehorses from the past are reincarnated as 'horse girls', possessing both the physical attributes and skills of horses. These horse girls attend Tokyo's Tracen Academy, where they undergo training to become successful racers and idols. The protagonist, Special Week, a horse girl from the countryside, transfers to Tracen with the goal of becoming the best horse girl in Japan. Captivated by the impressive abilities of Silence Suzuka, she aspires to join the same team as her and sets out on a journey to achieve her dream.
Movies - Marika Kouno
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