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  • Death in Paradise Poster
    Death in Paradise
    as James Moore 1 episode • #237 most popular show
    Death in Paradise is a crime drama television series set on the fictional Caribbean island of Saint Marie. The show follows a team of investigative detectives who solve murder cases with a touch of tropical flair. Each episode features a cleverly constructed mystery filled with twists and turns, as well as plenty of stunning scenery and vibrant local culture. With a charming and eccentric cast of characters, Death in Paradise offers a delightful blend of thrilling whodunits, comedic moments, and a backdrop of paradise that keeps viewers hooked season after season.
  • Midsomer Murders Poster
    Midsomer Murders
    as Gray Patterson 1 episode • #340 most popular show
    Midsomer Murders is a British television detective drama series that follows the investigations of Detective Chief Inspector John Barnaby as he unravels a series of mysterious and often bizarre murders in the fictional county of Midsomer. The show, which first aired in 1997, is known for its picturesque rural setting and complex murder mysteries. With its signature blend of suspense, dark humor, and intriguing character dynamics, Midsomer Murders appeals to fans of both crime dramas and cozy mysteries.
  • Secret Invasion Poster
    Secret Invasion
    as Victor Dalton 3 episodes • #497 most popular show
    Secret Invasion is a television miniseries within the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), presented on Disney+ and created by Kyle Bradstreet. The narrative revolves around Nick Fury and Talos as they grapple with a clandestine invasion by a group of Skrulls — extraterrestrial beings with the ability to shapeshift. The duo endeavors to unravel the extent to which Earth has been compromised by this infiltration.
  • Broadchurch Poster
    as Jim Atwood 8 episodes • #677 most popular show
    Broadchurch is a British crime drama television series that delves into the consequences of a young boy's murder on a small coastal community. The investigation is led by Detective Inspector Alec Hardy and Detective Sergeant Ellie Miller, whose relationship dynamics add depth to the narrative. Through its intense scrutiny of the personal and collective trauma following the tragedy, the show explores themes of grief, mistrust, and media influence within the tight-knit town.
  • Hanna Poster
    as Robert Gelder 3 episodes • #1,275 most popular show
    Hanna is an thrilling action drama series that follows the journey of a young girl with extraordinary abilities. Raised in seclusion by her father, Hanna's life takes a drastic turn when she becomes the target of a mysterious intelligence agency. Through heart-pounding suspense and intense action, Hanna must navigate a treacherous world while unlocking the secrets of her past. The series combines captivating storytelling with a compelling exploration of identity and self-discovery.
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