Shows like Hanna
Looking for shows that are like Hanna? Take a look at these great shows sorted by online popularity today.
  • Killing Eve image

    1. Killing Eve

    #208 most popular show yesterday

    This series explores a cat-and-mouse game between an intelligence investigator and a talented assassin. Its dark humor and unique take on the spy thriller genre will surely captivate viewers who appreciate Hanna's suspense and character dynamics.

  • The Americans image

    2. The Americans

    #476 most popular show yesterday

    The Americans, centered on Russian spies in America during the Cold War, shares Hanna's DNA of undercover operations and moral conundrums. Enthusiasts of intelligent storytelling and period espionage will feel right at home with this critically acclaimed series.

  • Orphan Black image

    3. Orphan Black

    #576 most popular show yesterday

    Orphan Black's narrative of clones and identity crisises weaves a complex web that should satisfy viewers looking for a show with depth and mystery, much like Hanna's own unraveling of her origins.

  • Alias image

    4. Alias

    #927 most popular show yesterday

    Alias follows a double agent for the CIA navigating the complexities of her covert life—perfect for those who love the intrigue and high-octane action that Hanna delivers. Its strong, multifaceted female lead provides an additional draw for fans.