Shows like Killing Eve
Looking for shows that are like Killing Eve? Take a look at these great shows sorted by online popularity today.
  • Dexter image

    1. Dexter

    #75 most popular show yesterday

    Following a vigilante serial killer who works for the Miami Metro Police Department, Dexter explores themes of justice, morality, and identity, much like Killing Eve. Its blend of crime procedural and psychological depth makes it a fascinating watch.

  • Fargo image

    2. Fargo

    #119 most popular show yesterday

    With its anthology format, Fargo presents a new storyline and characters each season while maintaining a consistent overlapping theme of crime and quirky elements. It's perfect for viewers who enjoy Killing Eve's dark comedy sprinkled within a dramatic narrative.

  • The Americans image

    3. The Americans

    #388 most popular show yesterday

    Set during the Cold War, The Americans' deep cover Soviet spies in suburban Washington D.C. lead a seemingly normal life while carrying out secret missions, offering both suspense and a nuanced look at espionage, akin to Killing Eve's spy-thriller elements.

  • Barry image

    4. Barry

    #431 most popular show yesterday

    Blending dark comedy with crime drama, Barry features a hitman seeking to escape his past by becoming an actor. Its unique mix of humor and menacing thrills creates a tone that resonates with the balance found in Killing Eve.

  • Homeland image

    5. Homeland

    #443 most popular show yesterday

    Homeland delivers an intricate tale of a CIA officer with bipolar disorder and her unshakeable belief that an American POW has been turned by al-Qaeda. Its high-stakes intrigue and complex female lead will likely appeal to those who appreciate Killing Eve's similar themes.

  • Orphan Black image

    6. Orphan Black

    #472 most popular show yesterday

    This sci-fi thriller revolves around a group of clones trying to unravel the mystery of their existence. Its strong female protagonist and the continuous peel-back of complex conspiracy layers will enthrall fans of Killing Eve's similar storyline.

  • Mr. Robot image

    7. Mr. Robot

    #490 most popular show yesterday

    With its gripping story about a cybersecurity engineer and hacker with social anxiety disorder and clinical depression, Mr. Robot weaves a tale of conspiracy and intrigue that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats, echoing Killing Eve's unpredictable plot twists.

  • Hannibal image

    8. Hannibal

    #491 most popular show yesterday

    Hannibal fuses crime drama with psychological horror, following the complex relationship between an FBI consultant and a psychiatrist who moonlights as a cannibalistic serial killer. Fans of Killing Eve's cat-and-mouse tension and sophisticated depiction of criminal minds will be riveted.